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College Rules

  • General Rules :

    1) The students will have to abide by College rules and regulations.

  • 2) Violation of College rules and regulations may lead to suspension or expulsion from the college.
  • 3) Possession and consumption of any intoxicating substance inside the College campus is strictly prohibited.
  • 4) All powers for maintenance of discipline and good. academic atmosphere are vested in the Principal and his decision shall be final in such matters.
  • 5) A student must show his/her correspondence Book to his/her Parents/Guardian just after it is given to him/ her and then return it to the Principal immediately.
  • 6) Student must wear badge and college Uniform without any additional garment.
  • 7) No transfer certificate will be issued before clearing of the Tuition fees for the session.
  • 8) Guardians should ensure their wards' regularity in participating in curricular and co-curricular activities of the college.
  • 9) A student must obtain permission from of the Principal Rector/Vice-Principal (from a lecturer under special circumstances) to leave the college campus during college hours.
  • 10) A student is not allowed to enter the college campus with Car, Motor Cycle, Scooter, Mobile Phone etc.
  • 11) Students are not allowed to meet friends in the college campus during college hours.
  • 12) College. tests are compulsory for all students. A student is required to pay Rs. 50.00 (Rupees fifty) as fine for a subject if he or she does not appear in the test concerned.

  • Attendance
  • 1) A student will not be eligible to sit for H.S. 1st year or 2nd year examination if he / she does not attend at least 90% of lectures delivered in each subject.
  • 2) A student failing to attend classes for 25 days at a stretch from the date of commencement of classes will forfeit his / her seat (As per the resolution of the Governing Body).
  • 3) Name of students failing to attend the required number of classes will be notified every month by the Principal and intimation will be sent to their respective parents / guardians.