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Student Activities

  • Protorial System :

    The student of each class of the college is divided into several groups and each group is assigned to a teacher who acts as the proctor to interact with the students on academic and the other matters. Report of the performance of the students are referred to the principal and also to the guardians of the students timely.

  • Project work and Seminar :

    By setting rigorous academic standard and giving students the support they need, to enable them to discover their own capabilities and thus preparing them to face the world.

  • Computer Literacy:

    The student and staff are encouraged to develop their computer skill through computer literacy programme by the computer point of the college. We have introduced Wi-Fi system in the college hence we have a Wi-Fi college campus which provides better facilities to the students and staff of the college.

  • Sports and Games :

    Sports increases the ability and skills and impairs the students which brings competitive attitude among the students .Both indoor and our door facilities are available in the college.The college provides ample facilities for indoor and out door games such as basket ball, badminton, carom, chess and table tennis. Now a days many students are showing their intrests in sports related activities.