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    A well-furnished Library is essential for a college as it is the keystone of the source of knowledge. A library is a store house of all kinds of books, News Papers, periodicals are the main features of a library. As the needs of various readers are different a library serves a very useful purpose by meeting the requirements of all readers.

  • Round about 4330 books are available out of which 1625 are text books, 580 reference and others 2125 various journals are available here. Apart from this Daily News Paper likeSamaj, Sambad, Prameya, Times of India, Dharitri. The Pioneer are available for the students and faculty members to improve their quality education and depth of knowledge.

  • A library has always a rejuvenating atmosphere. It is managed by Librarian a library attendant under the supervision of the Prof in charge of library.A reading room having the capacity of 50 students is available in this institution. Library is running in open access system. Each can select her choice books. Library cards are issued to students after admission by the librarian on verification of their admit cards. Books are issued to students of different classes according to time schedule notified from time to time. Each borrower must examine the condition of books before they are issued.Books shall be returned within the time limit.Previous CHSE questions are also available for both students and staff. All books belonging to the library and in possession of the borrowers shall be returned to the library before the college closes for a long vacation. Students are expected to keep the library premises clean and observe silence in and around the library and reading room. Discipline is the moral character of each and every individual.